Leonard Cohen- A Thousand Kisses Deep


7 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen- A Thousand Kisses Deep

  1. Agree, Leonard Cohen is timeless. Many, Many years ago as a very young woman, I wrote to Leonard Cohen and received a response on a par avion blue airmail stationary you would buy at the post office. I don’t remember what i wrote or asked, but he wrote, in a circular pattern: “dear ilene, i don’t really know where i’m going.” i lost the letter, but it was postmarked from Greece. Oh, I wish I still had that letter!!!!!!!


  2. Such an incredible gift he gives us…
    This is one of my favorites….his voice is so seductive in this one (and others)
    pulls one in and takes them as deep as those thousand kisses…
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…


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